S e a t t l e   T a n g o  with Tony & Ilana

New Tango Classes with Tony & Ilana

Tuesday Night Classes- Starting March 5th

   Greenwood SA Center- 525 N 85th St

   3/5 -4/24 (8 weeks series)

         7:00 PM-8:00 PM  Tango Turns and Linking Steps (Beg. level 2)

        8:05 PM-9:05 PM  Vals- Tango Waltz (Int./Adv.)

Thursday Night Classes- Starting March 7th

   Dance Underground- 340 15th Ave E

   3/7 - 5/2 (8 weeks series/ no class on 4/11)

         7:00 PM-8:00 PM  Absolute Beginner's Tango Class (Beg. Level 1)

        8:05 PM-9:05 PM  Tango: Parada & Barrida Sequences (Int./Adv.)



Special Practica with live music featuring Mermelada

Mermelada, formerly the Seattle Tango Jam, started as a group of tango dancers who were also musicians; they got together to play tangos off of lead sheets.  Over the years, they organized into an ensemble that plays fixed arrangements, always with dancers in mind. Mermelada’s repertoire of danceable tangos focuses on the Golden Age of tango recordings but includes some Piazzolla and contemporary arrangements as well.  Today, the group consists of Pam on clarinet, Steve B. on piano, Chih-yu on bandoneón and vocals, Arturo on vocals, Mike and Ruby on violin, Deborah on viola, and Steve S. on bass guitar.


Thursday, April 4th

Dance Underground- 340 15th Ave E


  9:15 PM-11:30 PM 

  Practica with live music


   Entrance Fee



Special Event

Special Milonga with live music featuring

Los Angeles del Tango


Saturday, July 6th

Dance Underground- 340 15th Ave E


  8:30 PM-12:00 AM 

  Social Dance with live music


  Entrance Fee



Special Event

Weekly Practica and Milonga

Thursday Night Pratica   9:15PM-11:30PM $10
Saturday Night Milonga 8:30PM-12:00AM $15

Dance Info

Tony & Ilana   206-781-9553 / seattletango@hotmail.com   /   www.seattletango.com